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What does unique mean?

Unique Selling Point, or USP, is one of the most over-used phrases in sales. Many organisations claim to have a USP, but what they actually means is that they have a selling point - something they do really well, but which other people also do. In general, organisations with a USP tend to work in high-tech industries such as SAAS or software development, where they'll have a USP for a couple of years, until others in their market catch up.

What some companies do have, however, is a USC - a Unique Selling Combination - which makes them unique and valuabe in their market. Learn more about this concept on our blog post about uniqueness in a market.

Navanter - truly unique, better, and different

At Navanter, we're fortunate to be truly unique in our market, with a combination of expertise which is better and different from other sales consultancies.

At Navanter, we recognise that the skills of salespeople can be complemented by the strategic and action-planning skills of project management teams to dramatically enhance the effectiveness of a sales team. And we recognise that the consulting and interpersonal skills of salespeople can enable solution delivery teams to delight customers. Adopt these skills into your organisation, and you facilitate a strategic view of the customer journey which:

  • Creates better salespeople
  • Allows delivery teams to become more customer-oriented
  • Turns customers into repeat purchasers and loyal advocates
It is our unique combination of expertise in sales, sales management, and project management which has created this powerful approach to selling that elevates the selling organisation in the eyes of customers to be seen as true partners, rather than vendors.