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Impactful sales webinars from Navanter

We regularly run webinars for anyone to attend in order to boost skills and knowledge. Here's our current selection...

Live Webinars in English

How To Sell Strategically To Win Business In Difficult Conditions

Date & time: Thursday 4th June, 2pm BST (3pm CET, 9am EST)

Over the last few weeks, the landscape for salespeople has changed in ways which even the most forward-thinking of us couldn't have imagined. No more client visits, no more face-to-face with our managers, and prospects who have got a lot more to think about that buying from you. No longer can salespeople sell just through the value of the relationship - something more strategic and structured is required to practively take the steps required to win business.

And this is where Navanter's SPACECHAMPS win-plan strategy tool comes into its own - this simple yet effective structure is the solution to salespeople who need to get beyond easy business, and get a huge jump on the competition when it comes to closing deals.

Join our free webinar on Thursday 4th June at 2pm BST (3pm CET, 9am EST) for 45 minutes to learn how you can use this tool to quickly step up to the challenge of the current working environment.

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Recorded webinars in English

How To Sell Strategically To Win Business In Difficult Conditions

In this 45-minute webinar, you'll learn how the usual skills of salespeople aren't enough when business is hard to find, or when sales are particularly complex. Using Navanter's SPACECHAMPS™ framework, you'll find out how to create a strategic sales win-plan so that you always know what actions are required to win the deal.
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Leading Your Remote Sales Team Using SPACECHAMPS™

In this 50-minute webinar, we looked at how Navanter's SPACECHAMPS win-plan structure is a vital tool in the toolkit of sales managers when managing their remote sales teams. We used the tool to understand all the information salespeople should be getting to know exactly how to win a sale, and how sales managers can combine this with Navanter's COURAGE™ coaching process to help remote salespeople to succeed.
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How Project Managers Can Collaborate With The Sales Team To Delight The Customer

In this 60-minute session, we'll look at the unlikely partnership Project Managers and Sales can form in order to delight the customer, along with practical sales techniques which can be used by both salespeople and project managers alike.
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Webinars en français

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