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Title: Overcoming Objections in Complex Sales
Date: Tuesday 12th October, 2021
Time: 10am BST, 11am CET, 5am EST - 1 hour

About the webinar
Many salespeople are taught in their early experience of selling, how to handle objections. It's usually with a neat little phrase to counter specific things prospects might say in relation to a solution. Or it might be the tried-and-tested feel-felt-found structure. Google it if you've not come across that before.

The problem is, that with complex, strategic sales, these techniques no longer work. In these sales, the buyer is often a seasoned professional with plenty of experience in giving salespeople a hard time. And when the objection comes, it is often so specific that a standard response will not work. It is even possible to alienate the prospect by not treating the objection properly.

In this 1-hour interactive workshop, you will learn the difference between different types of objection, how to categorise them into different types, then how to develop a bespoke response by following some broad principles. You will also learn how to deal with objections in collaboration with your prospect, rather than in opposition.

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