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Title: How to Run an Engaging Virtual Sales Meeting
Date: Tuesday 15th September, 2021
Time: 1pm BST, 2pm CET, 8am EST - 1 hour

About the webinar
Since the pandemic hit over a year ago, one of the biggest change for many sellers, is the inability to go to a physical sales meeting. All the skills salespeople have learnt about creating a good impression, using body lanuage, and engaging prospects through the strength of their personality, are now much harder to implement.

Yet in the world of virtual sales meetings, there are a huge number of possibility to create a rich, interactive experience which enable the seller to shine out against the competition. It might need a different mindset, but it is an easy change to make. And when you consider that many salespeople are holding meetings over the phone, or as a standard Zoom or Teams call, standing out from the crowd is pretty easy to do.

In this 1-hour, highly interactive workshop, you will experience first-hand some of the tools and techniques which you can put into your tool-kit to make your virtual sales meetings as engaging as, or even better than, the face-to-face equivalents.

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