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LEADING a global change through sales innovation.
Striving for EXCELLENCE in all that we do.
Encouraging CREATIVITY to impact results in a changing world.

Absolute experts in selling

Navanter was founded in 2011 as Naturally Sales Ltd, a small training company helping organisations to sell more successfully. Originally set up by Neil Shorney as a part-time venture alongside his existing employment, Neil was surprised how quickly success came, winning business in the UK, Singapore, USA, Dubai and Germany in the first year of operation.

In 2017, Naturally Sales rebranded as Navanter, a Latin word meaning "with zeal and enthusiasm", in recognition of the evolving path the organisation was taking away from being a generalist sales training company, towards being a unique specialist with a passion for bringing a strategic focus onto the entire customer journey, from first contact through to becoming a loyal advocate.

After extensive consultations with industry experts and business leaders from diverse sectors across the world, Navanter now specialises in just two areas:

  1. Our unique Sales-PM Fusion™ solution
  2. Sales methodology implementation

A global reach

Our solutions are available to organisations around the world, both face-to-face and via virtual learning - a delivery method in which we're recognised experts, having delivered innovative and engaging virtual solutions since 2011.