Bridge the Sales-to-Delivery

gap with Sales-PM Fusion

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A new approach to strategic selling

The business world has acknowledged for a long time that there’s a huge disconnect between what are arguably the two most important sides of any solution-focused organisation: Sales and Delivery.

Client project delivery teams feel that salespeople over-sell, make unrealistic promises to clients, and sow the seeds for creating future unhappy customers. Sales teams on the other hand, see delivery teams as inflexible, chained to their processes, and not focused on the commercial needs of the client.

These are two sides of the business who see each other as poles apart. Yet if we put aside the egos and the history, and put the client at the centre of our thinking instead, then it becomes clear that combining the skills sets of each will dramatically increase the ability of sales teams to win new business, and of delivery teams to delight the client.

Where has Sales-PM Fusion come from?

Sales-PM fusion is the product of one man with a truly unique selling point: equal insight into the worlds of Sales and Project Management. Neil Shorney worked for the world’s largest project management training consultancy for 16 years, splitting his role between leading a highly successful sales team, and working with project managers from around the globe to manage their projects more effectively.

Neil realised very quickly that many of the frustrations of salespeople (and their managers) could be solved by using a more strategic approach, akin to that used by the world’s leading project professionals. At the same time, he noticed that project professionals themselves could benefit massively from the communication skills, curiosity, and solution-focused mind-set of the world’s leading salespeople.

And so Sales-PM fusion was born. A complete methodology to bring together the skill sets of salespeople and project managers in a package which makes both roles more effective, whilst creating a cohesion in the organisation which gives the customer exactly what they need.

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