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Enable your sales team to succeed

Many organisations invest in sales training for their teams. This is often focused around sales skills, which can be an effective way to gain a short-term spike in performance as salespeople implement some of these news skills into their roles. Unfortunately, for much sales training, the long-term gain just isn't there. There's an interesting document by Hubspot which explores this area in detail.

Implementing a methodology to truly change behaviours

Some of the world's most respected selling organisations take sales training a large step further, by implementing a methodology. This means that they don't just teach new skills to their sellers, but they position those skills within a repeatable framework which enables:

  • sellers to be able to measure their progress towards a deal, and always know what their next step should be to progress the sale
  • and...

  • leaders to more accurately forecast future revenue and provide targeted coaching interventions to support their sellers to win business.
There are a number of respected methodologies to choose from, such as:
  • MEDDIC and its derivatives such as MEDDICC and MEDDPICC
  • SPIN™ selling
...and others.

The challenges of implementing a methodology

This approach tends to be used more by larger organisations due to the expertise and resources required to successfully implement a methodology. But in fact, implementing a sales methodology can be beneficial to many organisations. There are two main challenges to any organisation wanting to take a more strategic approach to winning new business:

  1. Choosing the right methodology for the situation
  2. Implementing that methodology successfully in the organisation
And this is where Navanter steps in. We can help you with both of these challenges. This is because we have in-depth knowledge of the different options available, and how they fit business goals, industry and organisational culture. And with our unique background of sales and project management, we're ideally placed to give your sellers and leaders a more strategic approach to business acquisition, and to project manage the whole process for you.

So if you'd like to investigate whether implementing a sales methodology is the right next step for your business, get in touch for a no-obligation conversation.