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At Navanter, we deliver essential influencing, presentation, leadership and communication skills to your employees across the board: from salespeople to project managers, from IT staff to customer service, from senior executives to your newest employees.

New skills for your salespeople

It's a sad fact that most new salespeople receive no sales training. New salespeople then do one of two things: they either succeed quickly through natural ability and resilience, or they drop, demotivated, out of sales roles and move to other positions before they get the opportunity to shine. This means a lot of wasted recruitment and on-boarding cost for companies, and there's a lot of wasted talent in the world for both these categories of employee. With high-quality sales training, the "natural salespeople" can become vastly more productive by fitting their natural soft skills into solid techniques and best practices. In addition, those who would have dropped out of sales roles - those people who've been recruited and invested in - are able to shine through the motivation and technique which comes from training.

Most people agree that the sales team is among the most important in the company, because these are the people tasked with bringing in revenue. Yet so many are untrained. Just imagine hiring an accountant or a company lawyer with no training, and expecting them to perform based on natural ability. It wouldn't happen, and the sales team is no different.

New skills for your leaders

The same principles apply to leaders - not just sales leaders, but throughout an organisation. High-performing employees are promoted to leadership positions due to their "technical" ability in their previous role, whether that be sales, operations or any other role within a company. The assumption is that if someone is good at a job, they will be a good leader, and they're put in a leadership role with very little support to adapt to these new responsibilities.

New skills training

At Navanter, we specialise in giving training to these oft-neglected groups of key employees. We train sales teams in a range of sales skills from foundation through to advanced, to maximise performance, increase revenue and improve margins. The key groups we train are sales, customer service, leaders, and anyone in the organisation who needs these communication, leadership and sales skills in their roles. This could be presentation skills for IT people, sales skills for project managers, consulting skills for business analysts, or anywhere in between.