Neil Shorney -

Keynote Speaker

UK: +44 (0)20 7164 6959
USA: +1 (617) 431 3011

An engaging speaker for your event

Neil Shorney is an engaging professional speaker and workshop leader, sharing his extensive knowledge of business with conference guests in an engaging and entertaining manner. Neil speaks at high-profile international events, bringing his expertise on Sales, Leadership and Project Management to life through interactive talks and workshops.

Some of the larger events Neil has spoken at include:

What to expect when Neil speaks at your event

When you book a speaker for your event, you want someone with the "wow factor" to impress your most important guests. Neil will go to great lengths to understand your audience, and deliver something which is absolutely targeted to their needs. Beginning with a meeting to discuss your needs, suggest topics, and get the inside info on your event, Neil will then spend time preparing. This will involve understanding your event goals, researching your industry, and speaking to people who fit your guest profile, in order to ensure the talk is an exact match for the needs of your guests. He will also follow you and other key stakeholders on social media, so that he has his finger on the pulse right up to the event, in order to keep up with the latest messaging that's going out, and align the talk to the important topics and news stories.

What are Neil's talks like?

As an event speaker, just as when Neil runs training programmes, interactivity is the key. No-one wants to see dozens of PowerPoint slides in a conference talk - they want to interact with the speaker and each other, they want to share their thoughts, and they want to walk away challenged to work differently. Interacting with a group is one of Neil's key strengths as a speaker.

Whether it's an intimate setting of 30 people, or several hundred people in a conference hall as in the video above, Neil is highly skilled at turning a presentation into a conversation, and engaging the whole hall in the learning. Neil brings a natural energy to a conference speech, and his background in the performing arts means he knows how to work a large audience through movement and positioning on the stage, vocal variation, body language, and technological tools.

How can I book Neil for my event?

The first step is to get in touch, either through the Navanter contact page of via Neil's LinkedIn profile. He'll then arrange a conversation to discuss the details of your event and what you're looking for, and if he believes he can do a first-class job for you, he'll schedule a meeting to discuss further. Talks available in English or French.