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We run free micro-training throughout the year to show sales organisations new possibilities. Here's our current selection...

Live micro-training in English

Transformational Selling - What Is It and Where Should you Start?

Date & time: Thursday 17th June, 2021, 1pm BST (2pm CET, 8am EST). 1 hour.

Twenty years ago, it was Professional Selling, then it was Consultative Selling. The latest industry buzz-work is Transformational Selling. This approach has grown rapidly in popularity over the last decade, and with good reason - the approach to selling is what enables the top salespeople to stand out from the crowd in the eyes of their prospects. They do this through their ability to challenge the status quo in the prospect organisation, open the eyes of the prospect to possibilities, and partner with them to achieve a win-win outcome.

For many sales professionals, however, this feels like a huge jump to make. The difference between Consultative Selling and Transformational Selling is indeed a big one, but the rewards are great for both salesperson and prospect.

In this 1-hour micro-training, you'll learn exactly what Transformational Selling is, how to approach it, and some key techniques to start your journey towards being the sales professional you know you can be.

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Storytelling for Salespeople

Date & time: Tuesday 6th July, 2021, 12pm BST (1pm CET, 7am EST). 1 hour.

Storytelling is a vital, and often-envied, skill which we've all appreciated from childhood. The ability to deliver an engaging narrative has been with us from Little Red Riding Hood, right through to the latest films we might watch on a Friday night. And it seems like some people have the gift, whilst others just don't.

In business, storytelling also has a vital place. It's a technique that salespeople can use to turn a piece of boring information into something which will really engage the prospect. Storytelling can be used to bring an abstract concept to life. And storytelling is what can make a salesperson truly memorable.

In this 1-hour workshop, you'll learn the key building blocks of any story, and how to use these building blocks to create your business stories which you can use to become a more engaging, and more effective, salesperson.

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How to Run an Engaging Virtual Sales Meeting

Date & time: Tuesday 15th September, 2021, 1pm BST (2pm CET, 8am EST). 1 hour.

Since the pandemic hit over a year ago, one of the biggest change for many sellers, is the inability to go to a physical sales meeting. All the skills salespeople have learnt about creating a good impression, using body lanuage, and engaging prospects through the strength of their personality, are now much harder to implement.

Yet in the world of virtual sales meetings, there are a huge number of possibility to create a rich, interactive experience which enable the seller to shine out against the competition. It might need a different mindset, but it is an easy change to make. And when you consider that many salespeople are holding meetings over the phone, or as a standard Zoom or Teams call, standing out from the crowd is pretty easy to do.

In this 1-hour, highly interactive workshop, you'll experience first-hand some of the tools and techniques which you can put into your tool-kit to make your virtual sales meetings as engaging as, or even better than, the face-to-face equivalents.

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Overcoming Objections in Complex Sales

Date & time: Tuesday 12th October, 2021, 10am BST (11am CET, 5am EST - sorry!). 1 hour.

Many salespeople are taught in their early experience of selling, how to handle objections. It's usually with a neat little phrase to counter specific things prospects might say in relation to a solution. Or it might be the tried-and-tested "feel, felt, found" structure. Google it if you've not come across that before.

The problem is, that with complex, strategic sales, these techniques no longer work. In these sales, the buyer is often a seasoned professional with plenty of experience in giving salespeople a hard time. And when the objection comes, it is often so specific that a standard response will not work. It is even possible to alienate the prospect by not treating the objection properly.

In this 1-hour interactive workshop, you will learn the difference between different types of objection, how to categorise them into different types, then how to develop a bespoke response by following some broad principles. You will also learn how to deal with objections in collaboration with your prospect, rather than in opposition.

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Differentiating Yourself from the Competition... for Every Prospect

Date & time: Tuesday 2nd November, 2021, 1pm GMT (2pm CET, 9am EST). 1 hour.

When people talk about differentiating themselves from the competition, they often focus on just one thing. The USP - the Unique Selling Point. There are two problems with this approach. The first, is that very few organisations actually have a USP. The second problem is that even by talking about your USP, particularly later in the sale when objections surface, immediately switches the focus from the prospect (where it should be) to the seller.

In this 1-hour workshop, you'll learn how to really differentiate yourself from the competition, and how to do it on a prospect-by-prospect basis so that the approach is personal for all opportunities. In this way, you maximise your chance of winning the deal against whatever alternatives the prospect is looking at.

You will learn how to identify the buying criteria of the prospect and how to position your solution in line with that. You will then consider the other options a prospect has available to them, and take steps to strengthen your competitive position and manage a complex sale through to its conclusion.

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Take Control of Your Sales Career

Date & time: Monday 6th December, 2021, 10am GMT (11am CET, 5am EST - sorry!). 1 hour.

You are a salesperson. You have survived one of the most turbulent periods in the history of business. This means that you are not just a salesperson, but a very talented one. Why not finish the year by thinking about where you have come from, what really excites you about your profession, and give some direction to your career so that you can lead it to where you want it to go.

Many salespeople fall from one job to the next. They perform well, but never quite seem to reach their full potential. Often, this is because they have not taken the time to consider the role, industry and environment which will really enable them to thrive.

In this 1-hour reflective workshop, you will discover what your own motivators are, how to fulfill those motivators in a job role, and how to proactively manage your career to achieve what you're capable of.

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Critical Questioning Skills for Strategic Selling

Date & time: Thursday 13th January, 2022, 10am GMT (11am CET, 5am EST - sorry!). 1 hour.

Every salesperson knows (hopefully!) that asking questions is one of the most important skills in sales. Many people, however, are either not very good at asking, or not disciplined enough to resist the temptation to launch into their monologue.

In this one-hour micro-training, you'll learn how to get the right mindset for asking questions, and then a powerful technique which will encourage you to keep up your questioning until you have a thorough understanding of the prospect's situation, and at the same time raised your profile as a consultant, rather than a salesperson.

You'll then learn a power 5-step questioning structure which will enable you to become a partner to your prospect as you work together to address their strategic challenges and goals, in the context of the solution you sell.

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Recorded micro-training in English

How To Sell Strategically To Win Business In Difficult Conditions

In this 45-minute micro-training, you'll learn how the usual skills of salespeople aren't enough when business is hard to find, or when sales are particularly complex. Using Navanter's SPACECHAMPS™ framework, you'll find out how to create a strategic sales win-plan so that you always know what actions are required to win the deal.
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Leading Your Remote Sales Team Using SPACECHAMPS™

In this 50-minute micro-training, we looked at how Navanter's SPACECHAMPS win-plan structure is a vital tool in the toolkit of sales managers when managing their remote sales teams. We used the tool to understand all the information salespeople should be getting to know exactly how to win a sale, and how sales managers can combine this with Navanter's COURAGE™ coaching process to help remote salespeople to succeed.
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How Project Managers Can Collaborate With The Sales Team To Delight The Customer

In this 60-minute session, we'll look at the unlikely partnership Project Managers and Sales can form in order to delight the customer, along with practical sales techniques which can be used by both salespeople and project managers alike.
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