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Navanter - a carbon-positive business

All businesses emit carbon, but at Navanter, we take positive steps to make our footprint as small as possible.

Some of our steps at Navanter include:

  • Operating a paperless office
  • Recycling of all appropriate packaging received at the office
  • Encouraging our customers to take editable pdf course materials rather than printed
  • Where customers do request us to print materials, we use a supplier who prints on recycled paper
  • Not purchasing unnecessary enquipment just because something is getting old
  • Making all our solutions available virtually, thus minimising travel
  • Using public transport where possible
  • Travelling by Eurostar rather than flying for most European travel

We like to think our carbon footprint is as small as possible. And the carbon which we do emit, we off-set through tree-planting programmes through Oblong Trees, more than covering our carbon footprint. Navanter is a Carbon Positive Business.

Location No of trees
Australia 10
UK 10
Mount Kenya Reforest 50
Kenya Farms 20
Malawi Ripple 40
Malawi Fruit 10
North America 50
Indonesia 50
Total 240