What Makes Navanter


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A unique training & development solution

At Navanter, we bring a unique combination of expertise, skills and solutions to our customers. When you engage with Navanter, you get access to a wealth of talent in sales, leadership, customer service and communication skills. This in itself is extremely valuable, but then add that director and principal trainer Neil Shorney has over 15 years of experience working for one of the world's largest learning organisations and you get big-company quality and breadth with small-company flexibility, precision and attention. And as Neil is a certified Project Manager, you can be sure your assignment will run like clockwork.

Sales skills throughout the organisation

At our heart, we're a sales training company, but we're also so much more than that. There are some skills which should be taken for granted in professional salespeople:

But we don't like to keep these as "sales secrets" - we're here to share them throughout your organisation. Just imagine the impact it would have if your whole company had a culture of customer focus...

Experience at all levels

Through real-life experience, training assignments and consulting projects, Neil Shorney and Navanter have helped organisations of all sizes, in most sectors, across much of the world. From the corporate worlds of Energy, Finance & Banking and Telecommunications, through major European institutions, to the SME market; from the USA to Europe to Asia; via training, coaching and consultancy, there are very few areas of business that we don't have experience in.

Certified by top organisations

As well as his extensive real-world experience, Neil Shorney is certified by respected academic and professional organisations. He has held the Masters Certificate in Project Management from the prestigious George Washington University School Of Business since 2005, and the Professional Certificate in Business Skills from the same organisation since 2014, covering diverse topics from coaching to problem solving to strategy alignment. Also in 2014, Neil became a Qualified SDIĀ® Facilitator, allowing him to use one of the industry's most powerful personality profiling tools. Committed to life-long learning, Neil constantly tops up his skills ensuring you're brought the very best in industry-leading content.

Here to work for you

We're here to help you improve your results, solve your problems, save money and increase your effectiveness, so why not get in touch with us today and see how we can help you and your organisation to clarify and achieve your goals...