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Title: How To Sell Strategically To Win Business In Difficult Conditions
Date: 4th June 2020
Time: 2pm BST, 3pm CET, 9am EST - 45 minutes

About the webinar
Over the last few weeks, the landscape for salespeople has changed in ways which even the most forward-thinking of us could not have imagined. No more client visits, no more face-to-face time with our managers, and prospects who have got a lot more to think about that buying from us. No longer can salespeople sell just through the value of the relationship - something more strategic and structured is required to practively take the steps required to win business.

And this is where the SPACECHAMPS win-plan strategy tool comes into its own - this simple yet effective structure is the solution for salespeople who need to get beyond easy business, and get a huge jump on the competition when it comes to closing deals.

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