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What should you expect from training?

When you engage with a trainer to work with your team, you want to be sure they'll get a great experience and be motivated to apply their new skills. Director and Principal Trainer, Neil Shorney, has been training professionals around the world since 2011, in industries as diverse as media, technology, manufacturing, consultancy, and major European institutions.

Here's a selection of feedback on Neil's training from a number of key industries:

Many real-life examples and Neil's enthusiastic way of explanation helped me to learn and bring new effective ways of communication to my everyday communications with my customers, work with objections more carefully, and be prepared for live presentations.
    - Vera Suetina, Cisco Systems, Moscow
Neil Shorney has recently fine-tuned key areas in my approach to prospecting, overcoming objections, and my approach to selling. His honest approach to training was fun...something that every office should aim for in their sales environment.
    - Andy Miller, Logixal, London
Neil is a consummate sales professional. He is the go-to person whenever I need advice on sales techniques and in managing challenging sales situations. Besides sharing his sales experience and knowledge with me, he also stretched my potential by asking thought-provoking questions.
    - Elisabeth Wong, Imperva, Singapore
Having a trainer who is committed to sharing his vast and real world experience in sales whilst never making anyone feel patronised was an invaluable experience and made me really want to derive value from the few days I spent with Neil. I would recommend training with Neil to any of my peers and to managers who want to have a better performing sales team.
    - Jessica Murrell, Growth Intelligence, London
I have had the pleasure to meet Neil during a 6 months long training course focused on leaderhip skills. Neil's sessions where very interactive and his real-life examples were always very relevant and engaging. During the training we explored new techniques that I use to this day. I also had the opportunity to speak to Neil on a 1-2-1 basis and his tips and obervations were inavluable.
    - Fabrizia Ferrara, Q4 Inc., London
To this very day I still implement the tactics and approach I learned during my time spent with him. Top Man!!
    - Lovell Watson, Simplify IT Solutions, Birmingham
Having Neil’s first-hand experience in presenting was invaluable to the training. He was able to give us insights on how to manage and cope with nerves, eye contact and various other skills. It was also key, because it meant that Neil was able to empathise with the difficulties and sometimes fears that come with public speaking.
    - Leslie Sextius, Osirium, Reading
The course was well structured and involved practical exercises with one-to-one help which made it enjoyable and easier to learn.
    - Shailendra Pandey, Informa, London
I did a sales course with Neil over the summer. It was engaging (who would've thought a sales training could be fun!?) and thorough. Neil had a satisfying answer to all of our questions and encouraged us to explore sales concepts and theories rather than just agreeing with the "rules", which was a great approach. I believe he was a great match for a group of young people.
    - Julia Dobron, WeWork, London
The trainers's experience in the real world added to his credibilty.
    - Jackie Pringle, IBI, London
Really good course, really advanced, excellent materials.
    - Anna Paszek, Verdict Research, London
Very happy with the class which has only made me more excited for the next one.
    - Josh Bender, Datamonitor, New York
The course was well thought-out and paced appropriately, exercises were excellent. An exciting, rewarding and engaging course.
    - Tanya Dungca, Taylor & Francis, New York
Excellent; it was great to have materials tailored to book publishing!
    - Anna Moore, Routledge, New York
Because of the good pace of the session we didn't linger on parts that the group seemed comfortable with.
    - Stephanie Johnson, IBI, London
I would like to thank Neil for the great course given on high-impact communication and critical thinking. The merging of these two subjects is essential to improve sales/project management/business analysis skills. The course has helped me a lot on how and what to communicate to which stakeholder. It has resulted in an increase in partnership which is essential for project/product delivery. I recommend Neil, who manages to share his knowledge in such an enthusiastic and clear way.
    - Claire Tepper, SICPA, Lausanne
Neil was very well informed and I appreciated that he had 'real-world' experience.
    - Bryn Dyer, TEN Group, London
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