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Improving relationships and team cohesion with SDI™

The powerful SDI™ assessment helps your employees understand the motives that drive their behaviours, as well as those around them. This increased self- and interpersonal-awareness increases effectiveness, breaks down barriers, and narrows the gaps between different types of people to form cohesive teams and decrease the instances and effects of conflict.

The SDI™ shows how individuals behave under both normal and conflict conditions, helping participants to understand their own strengths and weaknesses in business and personal situations, as well as enabling them to recognise when others are in conflict.

Since the Credit Crunch, workload and stress have increased for employees around the globe. Without suitable interpersonal awareness, this stress becomes conflict as employees and managers alike fail to consider the way their words and behaviours might be perceived by different types of people.

The Conflict In Workplace website has an eye-opening article about the cost of conflict in real terms, and Psychology Today highlights this problem, as well as offering some high-level solutions to workplace conflict. One thing is clear: conflict can't be ignored.

At Navanter, we're experts in conflict identification, management and resolution. Using SDI™ and two related tools, the Portrait Of Personal Strengths and the Portrait Of Overdone Strengths, we help employees to bridge the gaps between themselves and others, understanding how most things are strengths when used in the correct situations, and appreciating that what appears to be a strength to one person can be seen as unhelpful to another.

The SDI™ isn't just a conflict management tool - it is highly valuable in any situation where relationships exist, including sales, coaching, presentation skills and leadership. We'll be happy to discuss whether this tool can be effective in your situation. Just get in touch via our contact page.