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Culture of Customer Focus

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A culture of sales throughout your organisation

Our philosophy is simple: to be successful, organisations need to work with their customers in mind. This drives what we do, whether we're working with salespeople, leaders, customer serivce teams or IT departments. All areas of a business can have challenges. Salespeople can be over-focused on their targets at the expense of customer satisfaction, project teams can ignore the customer's needs if they feel something is out of scope, leaders can get bogged down in management rather than leading effectively.

At Navanter, we believe that every employee is representing their company all the time, and with this in mind, all employees, from the top salesperson to the operations intern, should understand how to promote the organisation's brand and image.

Of course, this doesn't mean that all employees should attend sales training courses if it's not a core part of their job. What it does mean, is that those vital skills of good communication, can-do attitude, leadership of a team or an idea, strong presentation skills, and first-class customer service, should permeate the organisation and be led from the top.

Working with Navanter means investing in the commercial focus of your team or organisation, tailored to your specific situation.