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At Navanter, we provide off-the-shelf as well as bespoke training courses. These courses can be run as-is, or customised to your needs. Most of our work is fully bespoke for individual clients - contact us to discuss your needs.

Learn all the skills you need to excel as a new leader

Embrace your new leadership responsibilities with confidence and professionalism

Congratulations on your promotion to a leadership role - you've clearly been very successful in your career to get this far. Welcome to a completely new working environment as you embrace the challenges and responsibilities which leadership brings.

During this intensive training course, you'll explore exactly what it means to be a leader, from motivation to coaching to ethics, as well as some of the potential pitfalls. You'll learn how to manage changed business relationships with your previous peers and your new ones, and you'll leave the course equipped to launch your new career and make the role your own.

As well as understanding how to lead a team, you'll look at team development, recruitment, performance management and many other areas which gel together to make a strong, respected and successful leader.

Who should attend?

New leaders from any background who need to rapidly get to grips with the additional demands of a leadership role.

Key topics

Understanding leadership
Managing relationships
Performance management
Coaching & mentoring
Recruiting for your team
Team development
Conflict management
Communicating upwards

Why take this training course with us?

The path towards leadership success is one of the most fascinating and stimulating progressions within your career, but is also fraught with danger for the under-prepared leader. Neil Shorney, director and principal instructor at Navanter, followed this path himself, progressing from sales to sales leadership through internal promotion.

During this course, Neil Shorney shares his highly personal first-hand experiences with you as you discuss what leadership means and how to be a successful leader, as you learn solid techniques to help you manage some of the most common challenges of a leadership role.

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