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Project Management

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Manage a project in language you'll understand, using the techniques used by project professionals.

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Project Management is one of the most important roles in any business - whether those projects are to bring internal improvements, develop new products and services, or to deliver solutions which have been sold to customers. Yet it's a sad fact that many project managers performing this vital role have received little or no formal training. This is where Navanter steps in - our Introduction to Project Management brings the vital skills to manage all these types of project, and more.

In 2 days of practical, hands-on learning, we look at the key skill areas of time, cost, and scope, as well as those grey areas in between, to help any project manager to bring structure, consistency, and predictability to their projects.

Who should attend?

Anyone who performs a project management role, or who has projects to manage and has had little or no previous training in project management techniques.

Key topics

What is Project Management?
  • Project Management defined
  • Why is Project Management important?
  • Should I be running more of my work as a project?

The Project Management Lifecycle
  • Key stages in project development
  • Project Manager tasks throughout the project
  • Choosing Waterfall or Agile Project Management

Responsibilities of a Project Manager
  • Knowing your boundaries
  • The Project Charter - your most essential document
  • Gaining buy-in without formal authority

Working with stakeholders
  • What is a stakeholder?
  • Stakeholder types
  • Communicating with different stakeholder types

Managing risks in projects
  • What is Risk Management?
  • Assessing and categorising risks
  • Risk response options

Creating a Project Plan
  • Elements of a Project Plan
  • The Work Breakdown Structure
  • Working with Network Diagrams and task dependencies

Managing a project team
  • Creating a team vision
  • Understanding personality types
  • Getting the best out of others and resolving conflict

Closing a project
  • Measuring the finished project against the spec
  • Handing the project over to the customer
  • Documenting Lessons Learned

Key take-aways

Increased organisational skills
  • Project planning to increased efficiency
  • Task prioritisation
  • Understanding task dependencies

Better interpersonal skills
  • Increased self-awareness with NPSI™
  • Understanding of wants and needs
  • Bridging stakeholders' current and desired knowledge

Risk Management skills
  • Reduce task over-runs by improved risk management
  • Risk assessment and prioritisation
  • Respond to and minimise risks

Advanced stakeholder management
  • Measure stakeholders' impact on a task
  • Gain stakeholder buy-in through tailored messaging
  • Use key influencers to gain support from others

Why take this training course with us?

We believe we're unique in the training industry with the breadth of our practical, hands-on experience we bring to businesses. Over 20 years' sales experience, 14 years' management experience and training experience since 2006 is very beneficial but not unique. Combining these with extensive Project Management experience, however, is.

Neil Shorney, principal training consultant and coach, has been working with projects since 2001, trained in line with the PMI's methodology, and been a certified Project Manager with the George Washington University School of Business since 2005, and he has trained Project Managers for the world's largest Project Management training company since 2012.

During this course, Neil strips away the complexity of both traditional and agile project management, to create a "best of both" approach to Project Management for those who want a simple, hands-on solution to their project challenges.

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