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Management Consulting

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What is consulting?

When you engage Navanter for a consultancy project, you engage the services of a highly-experienced consultants with a wealth of knowledge in sales, telesales, leadership, customer service and team-building.

Organisations typically employ a consultant when:

Management consultancy means bringing specialist expertise in-house for a limited-period assignment, with the expectation that the organisation will become self-sufficient by the end of the engagement.

What to expect

We recognise that every organisation is different, so we like to bring a bespoke service when we consult which gets to the heart of the problem and brings the results you need. Yet it's also important to work in a proven and structured way at a high level to ensure we work efficiently and effectively.

When you engage Navanter, your consultant will be an expert in the field, and also a qualified Project Manager, ensuring you have clarity throughout about what will be achieved, how, and by when. A typical assignment might look something like this:

This is just a sample of what our consulting might look like. To understand how this could look for you, why not get in touch today for an initial discussion?