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Impacting the entire customer journey

We all know that no organisation runs smoothly all the time, but it's easy to overlook the effect that miscommunication and internal tensions can have on the most important element in any organisation: the customer. US author and motivational speaker, Patrick Lencioni, puts it like this:

If you could get all the people in the organization rowing in the same direction, you could dominate any industry, in any market, against any competition, at any time.- Patrick Lencioni

Unfortunately, there is too often a disconnect between the two most important functions as we work to create delighted customers. Salespeople often don't understand the complexities involved in delivering a solution, so become frustrated with project delivery colleagues, perceiving them as lacking customer-focus. Project Managers become frustrated that salespeople will "sell anything to anyone" without a thought for how the product or service will ultimately be delivered.

At Navanter, we have a view from both sides of the issue, and we use this unique experience to bring organisations together for the benefit of the customer relationship.

From first contact...

Our expertise in sales ensures that we can help you to make an impact from the first contact, whether that's through a cold call, a warm incoming lead, or a face-to-face encounter at a conference or trade show. Your salespeople are the face of your company, and they need to project confidence and professionalism from the outset, not just that they can consult well, but that the product or service will be delivered on time, within budget, and to the required specification.

More than 50% of projects that go wrong do so because of poor communucation.- The Project Management Institute

Helping salespeople to understand what comes next - what needs to be done after the sale is complete - ensures expectations are set accurately from the start. You ensure your messaging is accurate and aligned, with both sales and project management teams communicating early on with a shared understanding of each other's responsibilities. solution delivery...

No-one knows more about what needs to be done to implement a client's solution, than the technical people who do this day-in, day-out. They know what's possible (and what's not) and the steps and time-scales required for successful implementation. However, the mis-match in understanding between sales and delivery means that often, clients receive their solution late, sometimes not quite to the expected specification, and occasionally over budget. By giving strong sales-focused questioning skills to PMs, they're able to question customers to fully understand their business drivers, helping the salesperson to win the business by sharing their technical knowledge within the sphere of sales best-practice, rather than simply "delivering information" about a product.

...and beyond

The salesperson's job is to sell the dream. The Project Manager's job is to deliver that dream. Salespeople and Project Managers both have skills the other needs - we help them to share.

The people we call Project Managers are the people who make dreams come true.- The Project Management Institute

By bridging the gap between sales and delivery, Navanter helps ensure that your clients fully realise the benefits of working with your company to make their dreams come true.

To see how Navanter can help you both sell and deliver dreams, get in touch today for an initial discussion.