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Free sales & leadership videos to grow your skills

Learning is about more than just training - it's about constantly adding to your skills through diverse media in order to provide true blended learning which appeals to all learning styles.

Below, you'll find a selection of videos which we're in the process of creating, to pick up new skills and techniques from the comfort of your own desk.

Videos in English

How to sell your PMO to internal stakeholders

A big problem for PMOs is that they're not very trendy. In this 50-minute video, we'll look at how you can promote the benefits of your PMO to your organisation.

A Leadership Lesson from Franklin D Roosevelt

President Roosevelt was famous for many things, one of which is for having been a great leader. Watch this short video to see what we can learn from him today.

Leading With Your Head In The Clouds

As a leader, it's easy to become detached from your team. Learn some tips to put that right in this video from the Empire State Building.

A Lesson In Presentation Skills From John F Kennedy & Richard Nixon

The first televised presidential debate, in 1960 between John F Kennedy and Richard Nixon, changed political campaigning forever. It also provides valuable lessons for anyone who wants to be believable and confident in front of an audience. Learn some valuable lessons from this debate in this video from Navanter.

A leadership lesson from Lausanne

A video lesson from Lausanne about how it's impossible to be an effective leader without knowing the organisation's strategy.

Understanding the Navanter Personality Style Instrument

Interpret your Navanter Personality Style Instrument - NPSI™ test results and improve your interactions with other people.

Vidéos en français

Une leçon de leadership de Lausanne (français)

Récemment, j'ai passé quelques jours à Lausanne. Voici une leçon vidéo sur le leadership de mon voyage...