What Is a BATNA and Why

Should I Have One?

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How can I succeed in negotiations?

Have you ever wondered how to negotiate? Ever wondered how you can go into a conversation with a supplier, customer, potential employer, current boss, and walk out with something better than they’re currently offering you? Have you tried asking really, really nicely, yet had no tangible results? Well let me tell you a little secret… you probably forgot your BATNA!

A BATNA is a key negating concept which strengthens the position of either party, making it more likely that they will leave the negotiating table with a good deal. In essence, it’s:

  • "If we don’t reach a deal today, what’s my next best option?"
It gives us choices when we negotiate. Those choices bring flexibility, and the person who is most flexible in a negotiation usually has more influence.

In this article, we'll look at what a BATNA is and how you can use one to negotiate your salary... or anything else you might need to negotiate.

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